By Celeste Skinner. Edited for online by Jacinta Lal.

A survey of more than 6,000 over 50-year-olds found more than a third of older Australians want to have an option to until work until age 70.

This comes as the Federal Government investigates plans to rise the pension age to 70.

However only one-in-10 believe they will be able to find satisfactory work and seven-in-10 do not believe physically appropriate work will be available.

Fifty Up Club chairman John Mangos says the survey highlights the job gap that exists for many older Australians.

Back to the office: A survey showed a quarter of older Australians are keen to be back in the workforce. Photo: inrepose
Back to the office: A survey showed a third of older Australians are keen to be back in the workforce. Source: Flickr – inrepose

He says they want to work but they cannot find work right for them.

Older People Speak Out president Val French says it is beneficial for people to work for as long as they can.

Ms French says she does acknowledge there is discrimination against seniors looking for jobs.

“Nobody wants to drop out of the workforce unless it’s absolutely essential to start with,” Ms French says.

“Of course it is a lot more boring to get out of the workforce but sensibly it’s essential to make sure you’ve got as much money behind you as possible.

“There are assumptions that people have who haven’t grown old that older people in some way become dumb as they grow old.

“But your brain doesn’t change just because you’ve lost your years.”

President of the 50 Plus Centre Norma Weir says it is not necessary for people to work up until they are 70-years-old.

She says retired people can get bored but generally look to volunteer work for fulfilment.

“I don’t think it’s such a great deal of aged people that need the money as much as they say they do,” Ms Weir says.

“When you reach 60 you want to have a break and that’s when they say they want to give up work but when they give it up for a while sometimes they want to get back to work, it’s an individual thing really.”

Owner of Lime Recruitment Cassandra Manthey says age is not a barrier and they often make placements for people up to age 70.

She says seniors who apply for roles generally stay in their positions until they choose to leave.

“Your age and the skills and the experience, comes for a lot and actually made for a lot more placement for us at that senior level.”