Despite the cooler weather the “heat” was on in the CBD this afternoon.

A sea of Brisbane Roar fans turned out to congratulate their new A-league champions.

Players soaked up the celebration and the ‘orange’ ticker-tape parade.

Elizabeth Lambert reports.


Hundreds of people lined Queens Street Mall as victorious Roar players made their way to King George Square.

Bright faces cheered as the players rode a fleet of Mercedes through the crowd.

Vox 1: “They’ve done so much for us all year, the least we could do was come here and support them back.”

Vox 2: “It was incredible, every minute was suspenseful and exciting.”

Vox 3: “They seem to do this to us every time, coming back from behind to winning the Grand Final. It’s sort of part of what it is now so we’re used to it.”

With the support of an Orange Army, the three time A-league champs haven’t stopped partying since their two-one victory against the Wanderers on Sunday night.

Matt Smith, Brisbane Roar Captain: “It’s just the icing. It’s the part we can really enjoy. We’ve earned this.”

Despite the infectious celebrations, it was a fitting farewell for the star striker Besart Berisha.

Besart Berisha, Brisbane Roar Striker: “The thing I’ll miss most are the people in Queensland. They are very nice people. They already told me they are going to play very dirty to me when I come back”

Both the Mayor Graham Quirk and Premier Campbell Newman were sad to say goodbye, wishing him the best in Melbourne.

With the A-League soccer season now over, fans are left to wait in anticipation for next season.

Elizabeth Lambert, QUT News.