Police are now seeking witnesses to Sunday’s Bondi street brawl between James Packer and Nine C.E.O. David Gyngell.

Gyngell has taken the blame for starting the punch-up, which left Australia’s richest man with a blackened left eye.

Neither man has lodged an official complaint.

Brooke Holdsworth reports.


Police launched an investigation into the brutish fist fight.

This video shows the pair wrestling on the ground with three men trying to separate them.

Mr Gyngell apparently confronted Mr Packer as he arrived at his luxury Bondi home and things quickly ignited from there.

The photos, which NewsCorp reportedly purchased for $200,000, show both looking unkempt and unruly as months of verbal sparring came to a head.

Commentators say, neither man came out winners.

John Lehman, Daily Telegraph: “This was more like a raging bull versus Bruce Lee I think. That raw aggression and anger that is spilling out of both men as they basically beat the hell out of each other. It’s a shocking sight.”

This Channel Nine van, parked near Packer’s luxury Bondi unit, apparently triggered the punch-up.

Cameraman Nick Tokic had parked there, because it was close to his home.

He later posted on Facebook “oopsy daisy!”

Neither James Packer, nor his mother Ros, looked particularly happy.

The billionaire was sporting a nasty shiner and facing a slew of tabloid headlines around the country.

Police are urging anyone with images or footage of the brawl to come forward.

Brooke Holdsworth, QUT News.