Brisbane’s drinking culture was under the spot light today, at an annual Liquor Accords Conference.

The State Government is drafting a ‘Safe Night Out Strategy’ to improve safety around the city’s nightlife hubs.

Gabrielle Lyons reports.


Brisbane’s night life is under the microscope and close supervision.

Bad behaviour is increasing in licensed areas and business owners are fed up.

Today’s Liquor Accord Conference was told the city’s night life is at risk.

The State Government is promoting safety in night life precincts with the “Safe Night Out” strategy targeting disruptive behaviour and pre-drinking.

It aims to stop mindless violence pouring out onto the streets.

Gordana Blazevic, Valley Community Safety Group: “People get into arguments, they sometimes get into fights and sometimes we see extreme violence.”

The strategy will highlight changes in laws and penalties.

Currently one in five hospitalisations in Australia are due to alcohol and an average of 33 arrests are made in Fortitude Valley over the weekend. The call for a Safe Night Out strategy and changes to liquor licensing purely promotes a safer Brisbane nightlife.

But it’s a double edged sword. With changes to Licensees and the Liquor Act, small businesses may suffer.

Nick Braban had this happen to his bar.

Nick Barban, Valley Liqour Accord Chair: “Businesses will inadvertently close because of a change of structure. But the community will suffer effects I think, because places like Fortitude Valley will become less popular.”

The Safe Night Out strategy is currently open for public comment.

Gabrielle Lyons, QUT News.