The Spanish Film Festival undereway in Brisbane continues to present lots of colour and flare.

Palace Cinemas have also brought the vibrant Hispanic culture to the screens in Fortitude Valley and the Barracks.

Tastes, smells and sights of Spain have come to the streets of Brisbane. Photo: blacktulip
Tastes, smells and sights of Spain have come to the streets of Brisbane. Photo: blacktulip

The festival features a range of films from Spanish-speaking countries, guest appearances, as well as a selection of Spanish food and wine.

UQ Spanish Senior Lecturer of Spanish and Latin American Studies Dr Roberto Esposto says the festival is a welcome addition to Brisbane’s growing diversity.

He says it is a window into the Hispanic world.

“Even 15, 20 years ago, none of these things tendered to reach Brisbane, they sort of tendered to happen in Sydney but not beyond,” Dr Esposto says.

“I think it’s good, I think it’s showing Brisbane is a very cosmopolitan city.

“These sorts of festivals are a good example of that.”

Dr Esposoto says the festival is not just about seeing films from another culture but showing how they have dealt with political issues Australia is now facing.

He also says film festivals are the best way for people to get a complete insight into another culture.

“It also shows the diversity of us cultures, that’s reflected in the diversity in Spanish language films which really showcase the entire Spanish speaking world.”

Spanish Learning Centre director Patricia Braun says the festival is important for all people whether they speak Spanish or not.

She says it is a comfort for Spanish immigrants and a good learning tool for others.

“The only way that Australians can have contact with the Spanish culture is you don’t have the possibility of travelling,” Braun says.

“So of course, going to the movies and enjoying the happiness and colours.

“The different colours of the movies is impressive.”

The Spanish Film Festival ends this Saturday, May 10.