Brisbane people have been given the chance to find out how the G20 summit will affect their lifestyles when world leaders converge on the city in November.

Organisers held a public forum today, in City Hall.

Jessica Turner reports.


Australia is the G20 host for the entire year but the biggest event planned is the November leaders summit in Brisbane.

Security arrangements are expected to have a major impact on the normal city routines and today, representatives from the Federal, State, local council and police services answered questions from the Brisbane public about potential issues.

Katarina Carroll, Assistant Commissioner QPS: “We’re doing a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure disruption is minimised. And from the very outset, from when we started 18 months ago, we’ve been talking about that disruption and we’ve minimised it to that weekend mostly.”

One of the main concerns was whether there would be restrictions on people moving in and out of the city centre.

Vox 1: “I work for a business in the CBD so we’re just sort of concerned what the road closures, how the road closures are going to impact on our business.”

The main message today is that Brisbane will be open for business over the three day summit, but with reduced parking and road closures in key places throughout the CBD, the effect on local residents and businesses remains to be seen.

Organisers have stressed the best way to get around the city during the summit is by public transport, but they warn that people need to allow extra time for travel, because of the expected delays.

Jessica Turner QUT News.