More women are enrolling in self-defence classes.

With concern about a growing number of assaults on females, women say this makes them feel more confident about their safety.

Keira Wallace reports.


Attacks on women make the news headlines on a daily basis, and many women are worried.

Vox Pop 1: “I just don’t think it’s safe being a girl.”

Women took to the streets after the recent murder of French student Sophie Collombet.

And martial arts schools say they’re taking to the class-room too.

Adam Wilson, Taekwondo Grandmaster: “There’s definitely been a big increase in the number of women interested in learning self defence and following through with classes, definitely.”

While Australia is considered to be a very safe country, statistics show that one in five women will be assaulted in their life. However many cases still remain unreported.

Solicitor Yasmin Dulley, who works near the Roma Street Parklands, says she feels much more confident since taking self defence classes.

Yasmin Dulley, Solicitor: “When I walk down the street, whenever I’m in situations where I feel quite afraid, I feel as though I have enough to be able to protect myself to get away from any dangerous situations. It’s given me a lot of confidence.”

And the benefits of self defence could be life saving.

Phoebe Le Brocque, Taekwondo student: “When I was at schoolies I had people grab me and pick me up and I’ve known how to get out that situation and get away from them.”

Keira Wallace QUT News.