Logan City this morning turned on a big welcome for local hero, boxer Alex-Lionheart-Leapai.

He may have lost the world heavy weight title fight, but he won the keys to his home city.

Dinah Boucher reports.


They gathered for an early morning party at Logan’s Entertainment Centre, traditional Samoan music and dancing all for

Obviously overwhelmed, but still managed to come up with his own punch line.

Alex Leapai, Heavyweight Boxer: “This is the key to the city, and where abouts is the treasure?”

Pam Parker, Logan Mayor: “Alex we may not have treasure, but we have something more precious. You have our hearts.”

Leapai also showed off his other natural talents.

A proud Logan local isn’t about to let it all go to his head his $1.5 million fee for Sundays fight.

Alex Leapai, Heavyweight boxer: “A lot of people ask me if I’m going to move to the Gold Coast or buy a BMW. I ain’t going nowhere. This is the place and I’ll be Logan till the end.”

One thing is clear, he’s now a role model for the younger generation.

Dayemon Setefano: “He finished the race and how he started it, just wanted to commemorate and congratulate him.”

Jonathan Mafoe: “He showed us when you get knocked down you can get back up and keep going in life.”

Ivy Tafa: “Were just really proud of him.”

Come this June the Father of six will be the first person inducted into Logan’s sporting hall of fame.

Leapai and his coach plan to take on American Shannon Briggs later this year.

For now Leapai can have his cake and eat it too.

He’s taking three weeks off training to spend quality family time.

Dinah Boucher QUT News.