It’s no surprise that most teenagers love social media but is it causing them illness?

Research has shown that kids and teens may be suffering sleep deprivation.

Keira Wallace Reports.


It may not sound like it but sleep deprivation is a serious disease.

Jack Cabrita, Teenager: “I just love twitter and instagram, it’s just something I do cause I can’t sleep so I just play on my phone.”

It has been reported that 70 per cent of teens suffer the illness.

Overstimulation and stress may be to blame.

Dr Chris Seton, Sleep Physician: “The pressure and business of twenty first century living is further compromising kids sleep.”

Now, a Sydney facility is able to diagnose more patients due to psychologists and sleep specialists working under one roof, which is good news for parents.

Tanya Plibersek, Federal Member for Sydney: “Any parent knows that if you have a child or teenager who’s not sleeping well, that’s a whole family that’s not sleeping well.”

If left untreated, sleep deprivation can have long term effects like anxiety and depression.

Keira Wallace, QUT News.