The Police Operations Centre for the G20 Summit has been revealed today at Police headquarters in Brisbane.

The state of the art facility is part of a 97-million dollar security program.

Elizabeth Glasson reports.


All eyes will be on Brisbane in November for the summit and with high profile leaders from around the world security will be top priority.

At he heart this will be the revamped Police Operations Centre.

Jack Dempsey, Police Minister: “As a government we said we would be revitalising front line services and this is the confirmation of that revitalisation of bringing the Queensland Police Service into the twenty first century.”

Katarina Carroll, Assistant Commissioner: “I think there is a lot of pressure to get this right, we’ve been all over the world to look at past events similar to this, not only within our country as APEC was mentioned but other G20s”

The centre will start scenario training over the coming months in preparation for the Summit.

Ross Barnett, Deputy Commissioner: “We will also be doing a range of exercises to test out capabilities here both in the intelligence centre downstairs and in the police operations centre here.”

The system has been connected to national and international security affiliates.

CCTV cameras are linked up to the Police Operation Centre. Together with five and a half thousand police officers, they will provide a safe Brisbane for the G20 World leaders.

Brisbane residents welcome the new measures saying they’d rather be safe than sorry.

Vox 1: “If there is CCTV footage that is going to prevent crimes that’s a good thing.”

Vox 2: “Knowing that the security’s better during that time I’m sure it’s good for everyone.”

Elizabeth Glasson, QUT News.