It was the annual Ride-2-Work day today.

But this year’s event had a more serious tone, highlighting the importance of bike safety.

Hannah Daley Reports.


Safety on two and four wheels was Bicycle Queensland’s message today.

New cycling rules require vehicle drivers to be at least one metre away when passing cyclists in areas up to 60 km per hour and one and a half metres on faster roads.

Reg Gulley, State Member for Murrumba: “Feedback so far has been positive and I think that it’s raising awareness in drivers’ minds that we need to keep that polite distance away from cyclists.”

Queensland Police this morning urged drivers and cycle riders alike, to be respectful and safe on the road.

Sergeant Michael Schodel, Brisbane City Police Bike Squad: “If a bike rider obeys the rules of the road the same as any other road users, that is the best thing they can do to be safe on the roads. So keep left, stop at stop signs, stop at red lights, wear your helmet, that’s basically it. Obey the rules of the road because they are there for your safety.”

Earlier this month, another cyclist was killed in a hit and run on the Darling Downs.

But avid cyclists say that won’t deter them from riding.

John Pittendreigh, Cyclist: “I think anything which promotes awareness of cyclists on the road is going to make it safer for people on the road.”

Bicycle Queensland says the new laws acknowledge cycling is an important part of Brisbane’s fabric.

Ben Wilson, CEO Bicycle Queensland: “They’re quicker, they’re simply more fun and they’re healthier so the bike is back.”

Today’s Ride-2-Work event isn’t the only thing happening. Events continue throughout the week with the popular Great Brisbane Bike Ride on Sunday.

Hannah Daley, QUT News.