There’s encouraging signs for school leavers wanting to take up a career in the area of allied health.

Our ageing population, means demand for specialised health professionals is growing.

Roisin O’Connor reports.


More than 400 high school students attended a forum at the Princess Alexandra Hospital today.

Industry professionals spoke to them about the opportunities available.

Vox 1: “The importance of students coming to such forums is that there’s many careers out there.”

Clinicians provided demonstrations for students with the prosthetics area attracting keen interest.

University students were also on hand, providing an insight into what taking on a degree involves.

Vox 2: “That whole thing that we did in there made me understand more of the different aspects of health, not just the psychology. Like I didn’t know about the music-health side of it and stuff.”

Students gained an insight into areas like nutrition, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and many more.

Gail Gordon, PA Hospital: “This event is important to us because this is the next generation of health care workers and we need to excite and enthuse them about the role they can play in managing the health care problems.”

Event organisers say the forum is a vital tool in attracting graduates to take up careers in the health industry.

With an ageing population and continual innovations in health there is an increasing need for allied health services

Students left armed with information packs and some found health care isn’t all hard work.

Roisin O’Connor, QUT News.