An alarming study reveals more than half the number of guide dogs in Australia are being attacked by other aggressive canines.

Its release coincides with National Guide Dog Day.

Georgia Terry Reports.


They’re the class of 2014 and these four-legged scholars are graduating on top.

But for veteran dogs like Jinker, the job can get tough and the diversions are plenty.

Kimberley Nean, Guide Dog Owner: “When there are other dogs around he can have various degrees of distraction depending on the dog.”

A study released today by Guide Dogs Australia says attacks on seeing eye dogs are on the rise.

Putting these heroes in serious danger.

Fifty-four per cent of Australian guide dogs have been attacked while working.

But Guide Dogs Queensland fear the number is much more with many going unreported.

It’s not only the dogs that are affected but owners too.

Cherie Patterson experienced the emotional toil first hand

Cherie Patterson, Guide Dog Owner: “I couldn’t see what was going on my dog was crying and I needed help.”

Guide Dogs Queensland says the attacks mainly occur when other dogs are off leash.

They’re urging dog owners to keep an eye on their pets.

Andrew Barnes, Guide Dogs Qld: “Be aware of what’s around you. There are not only people with vision impairment,. There are other assistant dog users who will be affected by your dog and just be sensitive to that.”

The push is part of their new Take the Lead campaign.

Georgia Terry, QUT News.