Queensland is in the midst of a national “ice” pandemic.

With a record number of seizures and arrests across Australia, drug use throughout the state is at an all time high.

Jacob Shields reports.


Queensland has been named one of the nation’s top drug states.

It’s a statistic those working with drug abuse are horrified by.

The biggest growth area is in the use of Crystal methamphetamine or “ice”.

Jost Sauer, Urban Drug Rehab: “In my 33 years in this line of work it’s been not gradually rising, it’s actually spiking, over the last four years the massive rise in ice, it’s a concern.”

Queensland accounts for the greatest number of cannabis seizures, hallucinogens, unknown and other drug arrests.

Det. Supt. Jon Wacker, Queensland Police: “Cannabis is certainly the drug of choice for Queensland, followed by amphetamine-type substances.”

In Queensland alone, there were over 18,000 cannabis arrests last year, and with the use of ice and other illicit drugs on the rise, the Queensland courts are finding themselves faced with an ever increasing workload.

The Australian Crime Commission’s Illicit Drug Data Report was released in Melbourne earlier today, providing a grim snap shot of the Australian illicit drug market.

Jim Coburn, Criminal Lawyer: “I’ve never seen it as bad as it currently is, the low level use of exotic drugs. If I can put it in those terms is increasing on a daily basis.”

The use of these amphetamine type substances is particularly worrying.

Their use seen as a driving factor in family assaults, homicides and violent burglaries across the country.

Jacob Shields, QUT News.