This weekend, overnight temperatures are predicted to dip below ten degrees.

And it’s a timely warning that the flu season is almost upon us and medical experts are urging people to be prepared.

Celeste Skinner reports.


With single digit temperatures comes colds and influenza.

This season new strains of the flu could be dangerous to the elderly or those with pre-existing medical conditions.

Health experts are urging people to have a flu shot now.

Hayley Scott, Registered Nurse: “It’s up to your body to still be able to fight it. But all you can do is take what’s on offer, which is the strains that are in the vaccine, and hope it will give you some sort of coverage towards any sort of versions of those flus.”

Already this year twenty five per cent more people are opting for flu vaccinations.

VOX POP 1: “Yes I’ll be getting the flu vaccination, I want to help my immune system.”

VOX POP 2: “Yes I do get the vaccination because I’m really busy and I’d rather not be sick.”

VOX POP 3: To be honest work have offered me the flu vaccination but I haven’t taken them up on it. I just don’t get that ill anyway.”

Naturopath Gemma Martin says there are alternate ways for people to prepare this winter.

She lists a strong immune system, exercise, healthy diet and enough sleep are the best ways to stave off the flu.

Gemma Martin, Naturopath: “I think for most of the population who aren’t immune compromised, they’re probably pretty safe with just using natural intervention.”

Whether you choose to use conventional medicine, or prefer a more natural approach to your health, experts urge people to be prepared for this flu season.

Celeste Skinner, QUT News.