Two weeks ahead of this year’s Federal Budget, the battle for public support is at full force.

Today, Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten met a group of unhappy pensioners in Brisbane.

They fear they’re the main target for the Abbott Government’s budget cuts.

Georgia Terry reports.


Pensioners like these, say they’re set for hard times ahead.

Treasurer, Joe Hockey has already flagged a raising of the pension age from 65 to 70, and a tougher means testing for current pensioners.

Bill Shorten says it’s just more backflips by the Abbott Government.

Bill Shorten, Federal Opposition Leader: “In terms of Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey expecting Australians to work until they’re seventy before they can get a pension and not telling people before an election what their plans are, that’s just a broken lie.”

And pensioners are worried.

Vox Pop 1: “I think it would be very very difficult for a lot of people to work until they’re 70.”

Vox Pop 2: “I Just don’t think he should touch the pension. I don’t think he should cause that angst.”

Vox Pop 3: “Absolutely ridiculous. Even if you’re at 67, I think it’s bad enough.”

On the weekend, Mr Hockey said budgets have to be about providing for everyone.

Joe Hockey, Treasurer: “This is not a battle between the generations, this is about the quality of life that we – not only want to live ourselves – but what we want to leave for our children.”

Regardless of the ongoing speculation of cost cutting, pensioners will not know their fate until the budget is released on May 13 .

Georgia Terry, QUT News.