Consumers are buying into gluten free options that are more expensive than ever.

Gluten free products are in high demand, and so are the prices.

Elizabeth Glasson reports.


Consumer watchdog, Choice Australia, is putting gluten free products and their expensive price under the spot light.

They say consumers should be aware products containing gluten free elements are marketed and priced at higher rates than other gluten free products.

Choice Australia spokesperson Tom Godfrey says gluten free products have an increased price tag in comparison with other products.

Tom Godfrey, Choice Australia: “Consumers are paying a premium for food labelled Gluten Free even when the same gluten free items are available at lower prices.”

Choice says the gluten free phenomenon has provided a platform for retailers to cash in on this health boom.

Dietitians say the impact of producing gluten free products shouldn’t affect the price.

Julie Gilbert, Dietitians Association of Australia: “Gluten free certainly comes with a higher price tag and that’s usually because the fact that it’s not readily available, but with the changes that are now occurring, it’s becoming easier to process and shouldn’t be any difference in cost.”

Consumers are being hit with the price hike and are being directly hit at the register.

Leah Wolfe, Consumer: “Yeah, definitely, if it’s got the word gluten free on it, they put it there and there’s not much to choose from, but they put it out there and they put a higher price on it.”

Choice says the mark up is significant.

They suggest consumers become more aware and save themselves money at the register.

Elizabeth Glasson, QUT News.