The Prime Minister is continuing to push the line that all Australians need to help rein in our deficit.

Tonight, he’ll address the current affairs forum, the Sydney Institute, and outline the May budget priorities.

Dinah Boucher reports.


It’s a tough first budget for the Abbott Government.

The PM says it will not be a document for the rich or the poor, rather for the country’s future.

Prime Minister, Tony Abbott: “We will tackle the fiscal disaster that we have inherited.”

But the mooted one-off “debt tax” is being labelled by critics as another broken election promise.

This is why.

Prime Minister, Tony Abbott (2012): “We’re about reducing taxes not increasing taxes. We’re about getting rid of taxes not imposing new taxes.”

The new tax is likely to target a broad range of taxpayers.

Chris Richardson, Economist: “If they were to raise big dollars you would have to reach out to middle income earners.”

Experts say Australia’s economy is improving.

But, the budget still has a long way to go to be in black.

Mr Abbott admits what he and Treasurer Joe Hockey are about to do will not be popular.

But, he says it will be fair.

Dinah Boucher, QUT News.