Bicycle Queensland has called for an urgent upgrade of Brisbane’s bikeways system.

The organisation says the bikeways are becoming overcrowded, with cyclists, pedestrians and segways all fighting for space.

Rachel Riga reports.


Segways are becoming an increasingly common sight on Brisbane footpaths and that has raised new concerns about bikeway and footpath safety.

One City Councillor says that is putting more pressure on the already busy bikeway system.

Cllr Helen Abraham: “I have a very strong position that there is no place for a Segway on a designated bikeway that is narrower than two and a half meters.”

Cyclists agree and say something has to be done about it.

Andrew Demach, Bicycle Queensland Development Officer: “Generally what Segways do is add another element to the mix and it makes it even more important the State Government and local councils invest in providing proper bikeways.”

Laws passed earlier this year require Segways to stick to footpaths, bike lanes and to cross at pedestrian crossings.

There’s no doubt Segways are a novel way to get around. And even with congestion concerns, their popularity will continue to grow.

Brisbane’s main Segway rental company says it is aware of the potential problem.

Emma Holding, Riverlife Segway Instructor: “Really what we try to do is stay to the left as much as possible, allow cyclists to pass when we can, mainly stick to the bike paths.”

The City Council has not commented on the issue but it plans to spend around $60 million this financial year to upgrade footpaths and bikeways around Brisbane.

Rachel Riga, QUT News.