Students at Southport Primary school had a lesson with a difference in the form of the Gold Coast light rail.

It’s all part of a campaign to teach students tram safety.

Ilana Morgan reports.


Today, these students had the opportunity to see the new light rail system in action.

It’s one of seven Gold Coast schools to be given tram safety demonstrations over the past few months.

Courteney Dickson, School Captain: “We’ve been shown not to run on the lines and always use the traffic lights otherwise we could get hit by the tram.”

The school Prinicipal says parents are very concerned about the safety of their children.

He has assured them the School, in collaboration with GoldLinkQ have done everything to ensure students know how to be road safe.

Brad Francis. School Principal: “We’ve probably gotten to the stage now where they know all they need to know about what they should be doing and what they shouldn’t be doing.”

Next year trams will run every seven and a half minutes during peak times.

Jason Ward, GoldLinQ: “It’s about providing the infastructure for the city for the ling term. It’s not a short term fix it’s a long term solution and based on traffic this morning hopefully congestion relief as well.”

Consisting of 14 trams and 16 stations, the light rail system will services a 13 kilometre route between the Gold Coast university hospital and Broadbeach.

The tram service commences passenger operations from June 2014 and as part of the Translink Network.

Ilana Morgan, QUT News.