The Newman Government’s recent approval of multiple legislation has caused heated debate.

Questions have arisen from all sides over the legalities of several laws and what effects they will have.

Bernard Thompson reports.


Controversy continues over what exactly the Bikies and Workers Compensation laws will mean for Queensland.

The changes have been welcomed by some sectors.

Grant Galvin, Masters Builders Association: “This is government rebalancing the scheme, that’s what they are there to do, rebalance the schemes like this to make sure that they are sustainable in the long term.”

Unions disagree and accuse the Newman Government of rewarding corporations.

Ron Monaghan, Queensland Council of Unions: “That is very short-sighted, and just to reward business, to what basis, we don’t know, is stupidity in the extreme.”

The Queensland Law Society are also concerned.

They weren’t consulted and question why the laws are needed.

Annette Bradfield, Queensland Law Society: “We have laws in place, Criminal Code and all sorts of other kinds of legislation, that adequately deal with the issues.”

Law experts argues the latest acts can be abused and threaten the essence of responsible government.

Dr Mark Lauch, Criminologist: “The issue is the law, the issue is whether the law is fair, just and valid. It’s not who made the law.”

They say the media circus around the Attorney-General only distracts from the problem.

The fallout over the legislation continues as all sides bicker over the intended effects. The government, however, has no intention of backing down.

Bernard Thompson, QUT News.