Simon Black is hanging up his boots after an illustrious 16 year career with the Brisbane Lions.

Black says his heart’s still in the game but a series of injuries have forced him to retire.

Meng Zhang reports.


Simon Black originally delayed any decision to retire until after he had post-season surgery for multiple injuries.

But late yesterday he took the tough decision to quit after 16 seasons with The Roar.

Even though his mind is still willing, his decision was inevitable as his battered body couldn’t keep up for another year.

Simon Black, AFL midfielder: “I’ve changed my mind probably a hundred times. But my body’s been so good to me, for such a long period of time, and I think now it’s about time I did my body a favour and give it a break.”

The Lions coach praised the triple-premership player.

Justin Leppitsch, Coach: “It’s very rare that a human being comes along with those sort of qualities, desire, passion, things that make up not just great football players, but great people.”

Meanwhile in the soccer A-league, Brisbane Roar is ready to take on Sydney FC in a Round two clash at Suncorp stadium tomorrow.

Besart Berisha, Roar striker: “The team spirit, it’s just, the confidence going up and up, and it feels really good, I think we did really good to prepare for tomorrow’s game.”

That team spirit may have helped Brisbane to beat Sydney in a pre-season match last month.

Meng Zhang, QUT News.