Anti-poverty week is providing ‘food’ for thought for those less fortunate.

A market event at QUT today, coincided with a report from the Queensland Council of Social Services calling for urgent help for society’s poor.

Joseph Cooney reports.


Anti-poverty week today coincides with the international day to end poverty.

The Q-COSS report on indicators of poverty found a number of areas where Queensland falls short against other states.

Linda Parmenter, Queensland Council of Social Services: “At the height of the mining boom in Queensland, Queensland actually had the highest rate of income inequality it had seen in 15 years.”

They’re hopeful the report will have an influence on government decisions.

Mission Australia has been supporting a number of events during the week it’s an issue they see from the front line.

Jodie Gilliland, Mission Australia: “Mission Australia sees people everyday who are struggling with disability, with debt, with unemployment.”

And that could be something we are passing on to the younger generations.

Jodie Gilliland, Mission Australia: “If you look at youth unemployment, it is a significant problem across the country, with rates that are comparable to rates in Spain and Greece.”

It’s a week where all Australians are encouraged to take part in activities highlighting poverty in Australia, something many students know a thing or two about.

VOX 1: It’s extremely tough being a university student and trying to survive financially

VOX 2: “When it comes to paying my bills it’s really, really hard and I end up getting smacked with overdue fees.”

Organisers at QUT’s poverty awareness event today said two thirds of students live under the poverty line.

Joseph Cooney, QUT News.