About 2000 Brisbane schoolkids got a lively dose of Bavarian culture today.

‘Oktoberfest for Teens’ was packed with traditional music and dance and of course, yodellers.

Zuzanna Kamusinski reports.


Oktoberfest is the world’s largest non religious festival, but it’s not just for adults.

These students had a different kind of big day out at the RNA Showgrounds.

Louise Moeller, Oktoberfest Co-organiser: “When they come and see this sort of thing, and think wow, I could go to Germany one day and speak to people, then they have a lot more motivation to keep on with their studies and to explore.”

The entertainment included Bavarian hat-dancing, cowbell music… and of course this.

Karen Williams, Redlands Mayor: “It’s always a good experience for them to see something a little different to what they get on TV, and what they get on computers and video.”

For adults, Oktoberfest will burst into life for the second weekend tomorrow.

The event has been named one of the top 10 Oktoberfests outside Germany and expects more than 35-thousand visitors.

Indulge yourself in Bavarian food, hand-crafted beer from century-old recipes, music and entertainment.

Zuzanna Kamusinski, QUT News.