The future of the energy industry is under the spotlight, at a two day conference in Brisbane.

At the heart of the discussions coal seam gas, the carbon tax and energy affordability.

Mike Burgess reports.


The Energy Users Association of Australia is concerned about rising energy costs and wants Australia to be more competitive in the international export market.

Industry experts says renewable energy sources are an expensive enterprise.

Owen Kelp, ACIL Allen: “Look, we’re likely to see some curtailment in incentives, in subsidies in the renewable sector over time but as to how large those cuts may be, you know, we will just have to wait and see.”

The Industry Minister says Australia has gone from one of the lowest to the highest energy priced countries in the western world due to the carbon tax.

The LNP repeal will cut costs for producers by up to 50 per-cent and dramatically lower the cost to consumers across the board.

Ian Macfarlane, Federal Industry Minister: “They will get an enormous cut from the removal of the carbon tax and we will hold the Labor Party’s feet to the flame on this.”

The former farmer of 35 years, says 4000 Queensland farmers have already signed deals to allow coal seam gas mining on their properties on their own terms with no case disputes.

Ian MacFarlane, Federal Industry Minister: “The experience with coal seam in western Queensland is that it actually increases the productivity of the farm because the farmer has his or her risk covered by the guaranteed income from the gas operators on the property.”

The conference is the only forum bringing together big energy consumers.

It’s a one-stop shop where they can consider all areas of interest to guide them in their strategic energy decisions.

Mike Burgess, QUT News.