India has produced one of the greatest run chases, in the second one-day match against Australia.

They won by nine wickets, making their target with 39 balls to spare.

Meng Zhang reports.


The Aussies had set a target of three-hundred and 60.

Skipper George Bailey hit an unbeaten 92.

But then it all fell apart.

Hadden dropped this sitter

And the Indian batsmen pounced.

Commentary: “And again, it’s big, it’s huge.”

Australian skipper George Bailey changed plans, but it still didn’t help.

George Bailey, Australian Skipper: “The tall ones were going over our head, the short ones were going over the side fence.”

The third match is on Saturday.

In Portugal, Mick Fanning continues his campaign for a third world surfing title.

He controlled his round from start to finish.

Fellow Aussie Julian Wilson scored a perfect 10 for this amazing sky-high trick.

Both are through to the fourth round.

And, the Diamonds crushed Malawi 83 to 34 in last night’s first-ever netball international.

Substitute goal shooter Caitlin Thwaites was the star, netting 41 goals from 42 attempts.

The two sides meet again this Saturday on the Gold Coast.

Meng Zhang, QUT News.