A national icon arrived at Melbourne Airport today but not in the way staff or travellers expected.

National wildlife volunteers we’re called in to rescue a kangaroo from a domestic terminal pharmacy.

Bernard Thompson reports.


While travellers are used to seeing the flying kangaroo at airports around the world, they’re not used to seeing the real thing.

Lisa Hou and Johnson law, Chemists: “We weren’t too sure, we had to look twice at it. Johnson didn’t believe me.”

Johnson Law, Pharmacist: “Yeah I thought it was a bit of a joke.”

It’s thought the roo, nicknamed Cyrus, was injured by a vehicle near Tullamarine around 8am this morning.

Quick thinking staff locked the lost marsupial within the store and alerted wildlife authorities.

Ella Rountree, Wildlife volunteer: “He has got some injuries to his feet at the moment, his claws are quite worn, that’s from hopping down the tarmac.”

He’s been taken to Gisborne Veterinary Hospital for care and is expected to make a full recovery.

Bernard Thompson, QUT News.