The so called sport of kings has some keen new followers in Korea, and now they’re learning how horse racing is done in Queensland.

Young Korean jockeys are pairing with top trainers here and it may even help boost tourism and cultural ties.

Meng Zhang reports.


These Korean students are showing off the new jockey skills they’ve learnt in Brisbane.

After four weeks of training, today they were rewarded with their trackwork licences.

They’ll now start four weeks of work experience as part of their 12-week internship programme working with Eagle Farm based trainers.

Lennie Maund, trainer: “We have a whole training team here at the moment looking after the Korean students. They are a great bunch of kids and they have learnt really quickly, which is great to see.”

And the students are also enjoying the experience.

Amy Kim, Korean student: “I like here and we can learn about how to hide the horse and many, many skill.”

It’s hoped the programme will promote Queensland racing to the world.

Steve Dickson,Steve Dickson, Racing Minister: “You know actually we can make great things happen, and I would love to see racing grow bigger and better throughout the whole world.”

What can be enhanced from this internship program is not only the training skills, but also the interaction between Brisbane and Korea.

Steve Dickson, Racing Minister: “The young Korean people will take home great experiences and great adventure they have had here in Queensland, and I hope they talk to their friends and relatives about how good Queensland is.”

Upon completion the students can enrol in other courses that offer certificates related to the racing industry.

Meng Zhang, QUT News.