Thousands of Queenslanders demonstrated their support for cycling by leaving their cars at home today.

Organisers of the National Ride-to-Work day put on a free breakfast for cyclists at SouthBank and the Roma Street Parklands.

Mike Burgess reports.


Cyclists young and old, bikes every shape and size.

Ride-2-Work day’s annual breakfast cook up took place in every major CBD and town across Australia. It promotes the push-bike as a healthy, cost effective and social mode of transport.

Andrew Demack, Bicycle Queensland: “We are trying to encourage people to who are like casual riders who live reasonably close, say less than five kilometers to work to give it a try and see how easy it is.”

Although the majority of people use bikes for simply recreation to get the blood pumping, others prefer a more challenging and old world approach.

Vox 1: “It’s not that much different to riding a normal bike apart from a few little hiccups with getting up or down- but that’s part of it.”

Vox 2: “It’s a good way to wind down and kind of get ready to do other things in your life apart from work. Works for me.”

Bicycle Queensland says their SouthBank breakfast numbers have doubled this year with riders signing up for the Gold Coast Cycle Challenge.

This Sunday, thousands of Queensland riders will pedal 100Km from SouthBank to Southport to raise funds for the Heart Foundation.

As for daily commuters the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital is offering them a cycle centre equipped with showers and secure bike parking for $10 a week.

With facilities like the Cycle centre and a growing number of safe bike lanes it’s easier than ever to hop on a bike and help the enviroment.

Mike Burgess, QUT News.