The federal government is under pressure to explain whether companies will pay for pollution if the carbon tax is repealed.

But it seems increasingly likely it will be blocked in the senate forcing the government to attempt to embarrass labor and the Greens.

Mackenzie Lyon reports.


Tony Abbott kept his word laying down his first big change.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott: “To abolish the Carbon Tax.”

But, Labor says his draft laws aren’t clear.

They won’t support the government changes in the senate and have been strongly criticised by the coalition for ignoring its election mandate.

Chris Pyne, Education Minister: “Labor is essentially thumbing its nose at the Australian people and saying the Australian people got it wrong, the Labor party is right.”

But Labor argues Tony Abbott should listen to the environmental evidence.

Mark Butler, Labour Frontbencher: “It’s a pretty depressing read because in the nature of Tony Abbott’s opposition, all he does is tear something down, he doesn’t put anything in its place.”

The Greens will join Labor in blocking any repeal to the carbon tax in the senate.

Adam Bandt, Deputy Greens Leader: “Tony Abbott is a climate change criminal.”

This may leave the Palmer United Party with a decisive vote, but Clive Palmer was tight-lipped about that.

Cliver Palmer, Palmer United Party Leader: “We don’t know what the bill says, until we see the bill, until we have a good look through it.”

Mackenzie Lyon, QUT News.