Queensland politicians are to receive a nine per cent pay rise, their first in three years.

An independent tribunal concluded they should be entitled to more money just not the 42 per cent increase originally proposed.

Nicholas Chin reports.


The news came on the first parliamentary sitting day this month. And it marks the end of a long drawn out saga.

Instead of being linked to their Federal counterparts pay scales, a tribunual headed by the Vice Chancellor of Bond University, determined that a rise of nine per cent is justified.

That lifts a back bencher’s salary to just under $150,000.

Tim Brailsford, Tribunal Chairman: “Queensland MPs are amongst the hardest working MPs in the country. Sitting longer hours than most.”

Professor Brailsford says reviewing MPs base salaries was fundemental.

Tim Brailsford, Tribunal Chairman: “I think there will be a widespread acceptance that the system did need a clean up. And we’ve cleaned it up.”

But the Together Union wants a better deal for all workers.

Alex Scott, Together Union Secretary: “Campbell Newman needs to start treating the public sector workers the same way he wants to treat himself.”

MPs paychecks wasn’t the only talking point in parliament today. The Premier’s push to introduce the world’s toughest bikie laws in Queensland was intensely debated.

Parliament House beefed up its security, but it was behind doors where the battle took place.

Jarrod Bleijie, Attorney-General: “It’s ok for them to introduce legislation, but if it’s not effective, if it doesn’t do anything, what’s the point?”

The Government plans to segregate Queensland’s worst bikies in a ‘super-jail’ north of Brisbane.

Jarrod Bleijie, Attorney-General: “We’ve announced today that we are going to be setting up a ultra-security set up at Woodford where we anticipate criminal motorcycle gang members will be housed.

It’s the latest in a statewide blitz to take bikies off Queensland streets.

Campbell Newman, Queensland Premier: “They are not just designed to contain the gangs or manage them. They are designed to destroy them.”

The new laws are expected to be passed through Parliament by the end of the week.

Nicholas Chin, QUT News.