Charities are angry at plans to allow new casinos in Brisbane claiming it will lead to more gambling addiction.

But City Hall says the Newman Government proposal is good news for tourism.

Mackenzie Lyon reports.


It’s part of a pitch to attract big-spending visitors from inter-state and overseas.

Three more licences across the state two of them in Brisbane.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk welcomes the idea.

Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk: “You know a lot of people say casinos are just about gambling, it’s not about that, it’s the people that it brings to our city, people that will invest in our city. It’s about employment and job growth in Brisbane.”

But the Salvation Army says more gambling venues, means more gambling addicts.

And it will stretch their already strained rehabilitation services.

Major Niel Dickson, Salvation Army: “Even if we are talking about attracting the wealthy tourists to our country, it’s going to have a negative effect to those in our own country who are most vulnerable.”

Under the proposed plans Queensland will boast more than a third of Australia’s Casinos, making it the gambling capital of the nation.

Residents and tourists says they are less than impressed.

Vox 1: “It creates a lot of problems, I think.”

Vox 2: “I dont think we need it from gambling at all.”

And Council Opposition leader, Milton Dick agrees.

Councillor Milton Dick, Opposition Leader: “Brisbane should be the lifestyle capital of Australia, not the Casino capital of Australia.”

And he says the development plans could pose a risk to some of the city’s earliest buildings, like the Commissariat Stores in William Street.

Mackenzie Lyon, QUT News.