It’s pretty common to train dogs and birds, but a young Australian has taken it up at notch training buffalos.

The “Buffalo Girls” show travels around outback Queensland putting the four legged beasts through their paces.

Liana Bignall reports.


The outback spectacle includes tricks like jumping over fire logs, acrobatics and taking on the ring of fire.

The idea came after Judy and her sister were asked to train Buffalos for a Hollywood movie ten years ago.

Judy Ann Cook, Buffalo Girl: “But also just family, because it started out as a family affair and everyone just loves joining in and having fun.”

The show travels throughout regional Queensland and is winning audiences over.

Fran Bremner, tourist: “Her touch with that animal tonight was just magic, was gorgeous.”

After the show, there’s a BBQ which ironically includes Buffalo.

Vox 1: “It’s Just like steak.”

Vox 2: “Oh I think it tastes like a rib fillet, it’s bloody nice, very nice, yum, good stuff, I’d recommend it to most restaurants.”

Judy does reassure patrons they’re not eating the performing Buffalos even if they do hit the ring of fire.

Liana Bignall, QUT News.