The Abbott Government today fired its first shot in the carbon tax war with a draft bill to repeal the tax, now open for public comment.

The Government says it will mean cheaper power and gas prices and save families hundreds of dollars every year.

Liana Bignall reports.


An election promise, today, a reality.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “At four o’clock this afternoon the Government will release on the government website, an exposure draft of the Carbon Tax Repeal legislation.”

The legislation removes carbon tax from electricity, gas, synthetic greenhouse gases and liquid fuels.

The Government says it will save families an average of $550 next financial year and $3000 over the next six years.

Greg Hunt, Enviornment Minister: “The repeal legislation is about helping families, helping businesses and about helping Australian jobs.”

The Prime Minister says the Opposition has no choice but to support the legislation.

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister: “Political parties cannot defy the public view and the public view is overwhelmingly that they don’t like this toxic tax.”

Companies and individuals still have to pay their carbon tax commitments, until the end of this financial year.

The Carbon Tax bill is open for public comment until November 4 it will then go before the parliament.

Today was their orientation day in Canberra.

Ironically, their trainer was senior Labor politician Anna Burke who yesterday publicly said she is “bitter and twisted” about being overlooked for a position in the Shadow Ministry.

Liana Bignall, QUT News.