The Attorney-General is planning major changes to Queensland’s Workers’ Compensation Scheme.

Jarrod Bleijie wants to cap common law payouts and scrap insurance protections for workers during commutes, and lunch breaks.

Nicholas Chin reports.


It’s a change that doesn’t make sense according to the Australian Lawyers Alliance.

Michelle James, Australian Lawyers Alliance: “Without doubt, the Queensland scheme is the best in Australia on any objective measure.”

The Attorney-General doesn’t agree planning to make significant changes to Queensland’s Workers’ Compensation Act.

Jarrod Bleijie’s plans will be debated in cabinet despite recent recommendations from a Parliamentary Committee.

John Battams, Qld Council of Unions President: “The committee, after learning all the evidence brought down a report that says we have a great scheme that shouldn’t change. This didn’t fit into the government’s plans unfortunately.”

The changes will see journey claims abolished and a reduction to the rights of workers who are injured due to employer’s negligence.

The Queensland Council of Unions says financially, it doesn’t add up.

John Battams, Queensland Council of Unions President: “In Queensland, it’s a fair scheme but most importantly, it doesn’t cost the taxpayers one cent. It’s the most financially viable scheme in Australia.”

Queenslanders showed their support to the current scheme 83 per cent support existing rights.

The union are calling for Premier Newman to withdraw the proposed changes, but the Attorney General indicates the process to make the amendments is already in motion.

Jarrod Bleijie, Queensland Attorney-General: “There’s been many debate about this, there’s been over 300 submissions and as we’ve said we will make a determination by the end of the year.”

Nicholas Chin, QUT News.