New South Wales remains on high-fire alert, despite cooler conditions overnight.

Fires have already destroyed at least 12 homes.

Authorities said 60 outbreaks were still active across the state many of them, uncontained.

Bernard Thompson reports.



Five homes literally wiped out overnight in the Hunter Valley Region.

Firefighters had battled through the night, to save properties.

But heartbreak this morning, as yet another home was gutted by the flames.

As well, four homes were lost in Salt Ash and two at Webbs Creek.

One resident has tried to weather it out.

When he returned, his home was gone.

Hunter Valley, Bushfire victim: “But the horses are o.k. that is good, but everything else is gone. I’m wearing it.”

Some are now questioning if the fires could have been prevented.

Port Stephens Mayor, Bruce Mckenzie, hit out at the Rural Fire Service, and environmentalists for not allowing residents to do burn-offs.

However, authorities say there are already very good ‘fire mechanisms’ to assist homeowners with ‘hazard destruction.’

There’s little respite ahead for weary firefighters.

The Bureau is predicting temperatures will rise again over the next few days up to a sweltering 36 degrees on Thursday.

Bernard Thompson, QUT News.