Queenslanders are being warned to properly prepare for the upcoming storm season.

“Get Ready Queensland” is a new plan to make the State, the most disaster-resilient in Australia.

Mike Burgess reports.


Queenslanders are being urged to take simple steps now to reduce the damage later.

A survey of Queensland households found 76 per cent believe they were prepared for natural disasters but further questions suggested otherwise.

Steve Waddell, Emergency Management Qld: “People don’t always have a disaster kit ready, they don’t always have a plan on what to do in an event of a disaster, so we ask people to do those things.”

The government says the last thing they want is for Emergency Services to be helping fit and active people who should have been better prepared.

David Crisafulli, Local Government Minister: “This is about asking the individual to do something for themselves and leaving those orange uniforms to be able to help the frail, the elderly and those most in need.”

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has jumped on board with the introduction of two, 12-tonne mobile emergency branches.

They aim to install them within 48 hours to provide ATM and account access to disaster-affected victims.

Leon Allen, Commonwealth Bank: “There’s ATMs, there’s meeting rooms, there’s you know, 3G Network Access so people can quickly start to get into what they regard as the important part of getting their affairs in order.”

The Bureau of Meteorology today released modelling which shows Australians can expect more intense droughts during El Nino years due to climate change.

What this means for our storm season is unclear but the message isn’t get ready now.

Mike Burgess, QUT News.