Army Black Hawk helicopters will be flying around Brisbane for the next month.

They’re in training for upcoming national security events, such as the G20 Summit.

Liana Bignall reports.


The Black Hawk’s training will officially start tomorrow.

It involves flying through rural and complex urban targets throughout East Brisbane, the CBD and surrounding areas.

It also will be preparation for upcoming national security events such as the G20 Summit and Commonwealth Games.

Major Brenton Mellor, 6th Aviation Regiment: “Anything of national significance we certainly get activated and we’re always on call so if we can train for it early we will.”

The training will take place through the afternoon and evenings, finishing around 11:00pm.

Helicopters may fly as low as thirty metres which could mean a lot of noise for residents.

But the army says they’ll aim to minimise disruptions.

They’ve also asked people not to worry if they see a Black Hawk hovering over their area.

The main disturbances for Brisbane locals will be during next week.

Today’s exercise was deliberately over an urban environment as the likelihood of a terrorist act occurring is higher in a built up area.

Major Brenton Mellor, 6th Aviation Regiment: “If there was some sort of hostage situation, if it was in a population centre, then our aircrews are trained to deal with those sort of highlight levels and complexity that involves high built up areas.”

The training also will involve the Gold Coast and Oakey.

It’ll be finished by the end of the month.

Liana Bignall, QUT News.