Electrical industry regulators want an immediate recall of sub-standard cables, believed to have been installed in thousands of Australian homes.

Independent tests done by the New South Wales Government show there is a danger of fires and electrocution from the imported cable.

Tom Baldwin reports.


The suspect cable went onto the market 18 months ago, mainly through Masters Home Improvement.

The infinity-branded TPS and orange-round electrical cables do not meet Australian standards.

A Masters statement says the cables pose no immediate risk, but the chain has stopped selling the product and will offer refunds to customers.

It’s also getting independent quality assurance testing done on the cable.

Master Electricians Australia say the protective plastic coating on the suspect cables will deteriorate over time, leaving exposed live wires.

Malcolm Richards, CEO Master Electricians Australia: “We believe it will crumble in your hands after a number of years, creating an extreme risk to safety or fire for the home owner in the future.”

Masters Electricians Australia has called for a national solution and says the cable must be stripped from homes.

The main danger is DIY handymen who have installed the cable and won’t be willing to pay thousands of dollars to have it removed, a potentially fatal ticking timebomb.

Electrical contractors say the sub-standard cable is set to cause problems in Australia for years to come.

Scott Barton, Electrical Contractor: “Not so much in next 1-2 years, so after that, where they’re gonna be crawling through the roof and put a hand on live cable or live wire. If you’ve got insulation it’s gonna be even more hazardous for them.”

The New south Wales Government has issued a mandatory, Australia-wide recall of the product but a spokeswoman says it’s up to electrical safety regulators in each state and territory to decide what action to take.

Tom Baldwin, QUT News.