Heartbreak overnight for a Sydney family.

The couple, in their 60s, lost their multi-million dollar home and all their possessions, including a prized vintage car.

It was one of a spate of fires across the city.

Tom Hartley reports.


Ian and Barbara Smith lost everything, as flames ripped through their Turramurra home, just after midnight.

Neighbours tried to contain the blaze with garden hoses, until emergency crews arrived.

Mark Jones, Neighbour: “Just started hearing huge pops and explosions, actually just two or three explosions, sat upright in bed, looked out the window and the whole house was on fire.”

Jason Holt, Neighbour: “I was concerned that it was going to leap across the valley as were the police because you could see the flames licking the tops of the trees at one point.”

Firefighters did all they could to save the property but the blaze was too intense.

Vox 1: “Bright orange and it was, you know, emergency action, get everybody up and out, didn’t know what was happening.”

This was the Smith’s pride and joy, a vintage Morgan, believed to be worth around $100,000.

It was crushed by a collapsing roof, then burnt out.

Also overnight, fire ripped through a South Sydney home at Gymea Bay.

All five occupants escaped uninjured.

The blaze is considered suspicious, it’s reported a high ranked police officer is the home’s owner.

And yesterday afternoon, a communal area on the rooftop of an eight-storey block in the CBD went up in flames, forcing all residents to be evacuated.

One person was trapped in a stairwell but was eventually freed, unharmed.

Tom Hartley, QUT News.