Hundreds of firefighters faced extreme conditions across New South Wales today, amid soaring temperatures and high winds.

Premier Barry O’Farrell warned people to abide by the total fire bans in place across fifteen regions, including Sydney.

Police say arsonists, will be shown no mercy.

Emily Sakzewski reports.


Temperatures climbed well into the thirties in Sydney and other parts of New South Wales as the city experienced one of its hottest October days on record.

Large crowds cooled themselves from the scorching conditions at Sydney’s beaches.

New South Wales has just faced its hottest September on record and October is heading the same way.

Strong wind gusts combined with the sweltering heat left the state in a severe fire danger range.

One thousand firefighters and two hundred and fifty fire engines were on standby statewide.

A total fire ban is in place, but temperatures are expected to ease tomorrow.

Emily Sakzewski, QUT News.