South east Queensland is in the grip of record spring temperatures we’re expecting another scorcher tomorrow.

In the CBD, SES crews were out in force.

Their message to the public “get ready” with the storm season officially starting today.

Tom Fowles reports.


These are the images Queenlanders fear at this time of year, and it could strike at any time and anywhere. In November 2008 parts of The Gap resembled a war zone.

Today SES crews were out in the city along with Community Safety Minister Jack Dempsey to highlight the need to take precautions now before it’s too late.

Jack Dempsey, Qld Community Safety Min.: “We’re a big state and we certainly are attracted by mother nature and not always in the best way. And it’s about getting that message constantly through.”

Basic measures like putting on a pair of gloves and clearing out gutters, can do more to help emergency services than people realise.

Lee Johnson, Qld Fire Commissioner: “The volunteers on their own can’t help everybody and emergency services aren’t able to be everywhere all the time.”

But it’s not just storms alone, that can catch people by surprise.

With Bushfire Season in full swing and storm season upon us, Queenslanders are urged to pull together and prepare for the worst.

Lee Johnson, Qld Fire Commissioner: “This month October, is traditionally the worst month in Queensland. And we’ve already had a number of quite serious fires.”

People are urged to check their insurance policies are up to date, they have an emergency kit on hand and an evacuation plan.

The public can also register for the Brisbane Council’s Emergency Warning SMS Service, to receive the most up to date information.

Tom Fowles, QUT News.