Queensland’s mango season is here again.

If you wanted to buy one this morning, it would have set you back $3,000 dollars!

But it was all for a good cause

Madeline Muir reports.


All these people gathered at Rocklea Markets early this morning for the annual mango auction.

The proceeds going to Diabetes Queensland and Life Education Queensland.

The bidding started at a juicy $10,000.

The buyers, Carlo Lorenti and Harry Nicholoau, are this season’s Mango Kings.

Carlo Lorenti, Mango King: “Obviously things are a little bit hard in retail at the moment so we thought two of us could come up with some money, some serious money.”

Last year, a mango tray sold for a record $76,000.

This season we can expect that Queenslanders will consume more than 300 million of the juicy fruit.

Peter Tighe,Fruit wholesaler: “The price will definitely come down there’s no risk, it’s unusually high at this time of year.”

Despite slightly higher prices, mangoes are still great quality.

As more product comes down from north Queensland prices should decrease as we get further into the season.

Madeline Muir, QUT News.