A Sydney mother has faced the scarriest night of her life.

Her son disappeared police feared an abduction or accident.

But he’d just slept over at a friend’s house.

Gabrielle Lyons reports.


Nathan Parker is just a normal nine year old boy.

He doesn’t always tell mum what he’s up to and last night it led to a massive police search and anguish.

His mum Kim was terrified when he hadn’t returned from school by 8 pm.

She called police and everyone worried about an abduction or an accident.

But Nathan had simply gone to a friends place and didn’t bother to tell his mum.

Nathan Parker, Missing boy: “At my friends house I was playing.”

She says she will now be keeping him close.

Kim Parker, Mother:”Very, a very short leash, definitely. I don’t know if I’ve played the crazy mum or not, I just ran up and cuddled him and burst into tears.”

Police are calling the case ‘an unauthorized sleepover’ .

Gabrielle Lyons, QUT News.