Australian scientists are about to take delivery of a super ship to find out more about our weather.

It’s equipped to give us some of the most accurate forecasts in the world.

Tom Fowles reports.


It’s taken two years and $120 million dollars to build.

Now the Investigator, is almost ready to launch.

And the science community is hopeful it will provide vast amounts of data about the ocean and the atmosphere and how they influence weather.

Toni Moate, CSIRO: “We know more about the surface of the moon than the surface of the ocean, so in that way it is the water’s star trek.”

The Investigator replaces a smaller vessel.

It’s been fitted with 15 laboratories and a massive 2-tonne weather radar unit.

The radar will allow scientists to see weather systems as far 20km up into the sky and to the depths of the oceans.

The vessel promises to give scientists access to a whole host of new information, that’ll allow for more accurate weather predictions.

Toni Moate, CSIRO: “How can we predict rainfall? What will it look like? Where do we think there might be cyclones? Alot of questions that are important to Australians.”

The Investigator will also be used to additionally study marine life, map the sea floor and test the effects of pollution on the oceans.

It’s due to dock in Hobart next month.

Tom Fowles, QUT News.