A West Australian abalone diver is recovering in hospital after being attacked by a shark for the second time in a decade.

Greg Pickering is in a stable condition, after undergoing 10 hours of intensive surgery at the Royal Perth Hospital.

Tom Fowles reports.


The 55-year old sustained wounds to his chest, arms and face after being mauled by what’s believed to be a great white.

Greg Pickering was harvesting abalone off the seabed 160km east of Esperance, when the attack occurred.

Amazingly, he managed to make it back to the surface where he was rescued by his colleagues.

Marcus Tromp, Southern Wild Abalone: “Obviously the initial reaction was, hell. How do we deal with this? And again thankfully there were other team members in the vicinity to support.”

Mr Pickering was still talking but delirious and unable to tell his workmates what happened.

After returning to shore, his colleagues towed the boat with the bleeding Mr Pickering in the back, 40km to meet with the ambulance.

He is recovering with his family by his side.

Marcus Tromp, Southern Wild Abalone: “Greg’s family are holding well, you know, obviously given the circumstances.”

Mr Pickering is no stranger to shark attacks, he was bitten by a bronze whaler, off the coat of Cervantes in March 2004.

Tom Fowles, QUT News.