Young people are the target of a new breast cancer awareness campaign.

The Cancer Council is teaming up with the magazine, Cosmopolitan, and visiting universities to highlight the need for regular personal checks.

Tom Baldwin reports.


The distinctive pink “Cosmo Kombi” was at Griffith University’s Nathan campus today to put the message out there.

Most young females are unaware of the risks breast cancer poses.

Each year 3000 Queenslanders are diagnosed.

The Cancer Council Cosmopolitan partnership is aiming at a demographic not usually associated with the disease.

Katie Clift, Qld Cancer Council: “We can give them the right information and education at the same time.”

The campaign encourages people to carrying out regular and simple checks at home once a month.

Marie Murdoch, Cancer Council nurse: “Just in the shower, soap on your hand, use three fingers, start from the outside and just in a pattern so you don’t miss any of it.”

Although it is not as common, males are also susceptible, and should become familiar with any danger signs.

Statistics show Queenslanders are never too young to be aware.

Katie Clift, Qld Cancer Council: “It’s never too early to do these checks and it is important to develop that life-long habit.”

Experts say being breast aware and knowing the look and feel of your breast is vital to early detection.

Early detection can lead to a 98 per cent chance beating the disease.

It’s one initiative of the Cancer Council’s Breast Awareness month.

Tom Baldwin QUT News.