Queensland leaders are meeting over the next couple of days to discuss the state’s future.

But protestors gathered to criticise the so called Queensland Plan and the summit in Brisbane.

Emma Clarke reports.


A vocal crowd of protestors gathered outside the Brisbane Convention Centre early this morning with particular concern about energy and environment issues and how balanced the summit will be.

Stuart Traill, Electrical Trades Union: “The LNP members of parliament have identified each of their electorates so they’ve obviously handpicked their own people to represent their views and apparently these people are an accurate reflection of broader Queensland. We don’t believe that is the case.”

The Summit is shaped around the LNP’s four pillar platform.. tourism, agriculture, resources and construction.

Campbell Newman, Qld Premier: “These are issues the government will have to be guided by over the next thirty years. This is the pointy end. This is what I always wanted to see happen.”

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Opposition leader: “This has cost a lot of money. It can’t just be a talk fest. We need to have real tangible outcomes.”

It’s a summit that isn’t excluding our younger generation.

This boy received an award as one of the winners of the Queensland Plan Primary Schools postcard competition.

The children had to express their vision of what they hope Queensland will look like in thirty years.

Day one of the summit included a plan for Queensland jobs and a structure to diversify industry reliance.

Campbell Newman called the two day leaders debate not a government plan but a plan for Queensland.

The Queensland master plan is costing four point six million dollars and should be finalised by the end of the year.

Emma Clarke, QUT News.