Brisbane drivers are facing a fuel shortage and higher prices as tankers supplying BP and Shell service stations are taken off the road.

Several metropolitan servos have already sold out of unleaded with many drivers choosing to fill up while they still can.

Jack Doonar reports.


The fuel shortage in South East Queensland is a result of the ongoing safety investigation by VicRoads of Cootes Transport’s tanker fleet.

The company is being investigated following a tanker crash that killed two people in Sydney last week.

With some servos increasing fuel prices, the RACQ says Brisbane motorists shouldn’t pay more than $1.40 per litre for unleaded fuel.

Renee Smith, RACQ: “Some outlets are going early with price increases, so we encourage motorists not to support these stations who are taking advantage of the situation.”

Authorities believe many motorists are panic buying, with many service stations seeing an increase in sales.

Boby Abraham, The Gap Matilda Manager: “I think there is panic all around because of the shortage of fuel cause I get a lot of people asking are you going to run out of fuel.”

Some Brisbane motorists say they’re just taking precautions.

Vox Pop 1: “They’re saying not to panic and I’m not panicking and I’m probably not panicking. I’ve told my wife to fill up.”

Vox Pop 2: “If people start panic buying then it’s going to get worse, I think just fill up normally and it should be ok.”

Nearly 100 trucks with brake failure, steering, and suspension faults have been taken off the road. BP says shortages in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne may last for a few days or even up to a week

Jack Doonar, QUT News.