Prime Minister Tony Abbott has found an unlikely ally in the controversy over politicians allowances.

Labor’s Anthony Albanese has defended Abbott’s expenditure claim for taking part in an Iron Man Event.

Samuel Massey reports.


Mr Abbott continues to defend his expenses claim to attend a community event.

He’s one of several politicians from both parties paying back what some see as questionable entitlement claims.

Labor member Anthony Albanese, Labor member: “He’s been invited to participate by the McGrath Foundation in the event. If that’s the case then I think, you know, common sense should apply.”

But other Labor members didn’t share Mr Albanese’s views and continue to criticise Mr Abbott’s expenses.

Chris Bowen, Member for McMahon: “That is in my opinion, pretty clearly a personal issue, a personal expense.”

Mr Abbott has paid back more than $10,000 so far in claims thought to be doubtful.

Another Liberal Steve Irons has repaid $11,000 he claimed in travel.

Labor’s Mark Dreyfus repaid $400 he claimed for a family ski trip.

Former Finance Department Bureaucrat, Steven Bartos: “If they’d be embarrassed to see it on the front page of a newspaper, they just shouldn’t claim it.”

Mr Abbott remains on his tour of Bali, ahead of the East Asia Summit in Brunei later this week.

But the allowances controversy continues to follow him.

Samuel Massey, QUT News.